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Jitsu is the modern form of the Japanese martial art of Ju Jutsu developed by the Feudal Samurai Warrior. Shorinki Kan Jitsu, as taught by Jitsu Australia, is a martial art designed principally for practical self-defence in today’s modern settings, using techniques that work under realistic conditions.

In training sessions, you will learn how to defend yourself from everything from unwanted grabs to punches, shoves, head-butts, chokes, kicks and a variety of weapons. You will learn how to deal with multiple attackers, armed or otherwise.

By training regularly, you will improve your general fitness, flexibility, strength, coordination, reaction time, and above all, self-confidence. Perhaps most importantly, you will gain the kind of mental control required to think your way through and safely out of potentially dangerous encounters.

Jitsu Australia consists of a club in Penrith, Sydney and Blackheath . We have sister clubs in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and America.